Sublime Package Control

Missing Package Control in your Sublime installation?Follow these steps:

Use your iPad as a second screen


If you're a MacBook user and looking for that extra space when developing outside of the office then you'll be thrilled to find out that there's an app that lets...

Reconfiguring Apache and PHP after Mac OS Upgrade

If you've just upgraded to a more recent Mac OS release, then you'll find this post handy as it will walk you through some of the configurations required.

YUIDoc API Documentation Plugin

If you're working on a JS app that's continuously growing and so is the developers involved then its probably wise to start considering a structured way to document your code!...

We're off to UX New Zealand 2015!

ux newzealand

"UX New Zealand is the biggest and the best user experience conference in Aotearoa. We’ve imported some of the top web and UX designers along with project managers.

Git Branching Best Practices

These best practices maybe adopted within a team setting, they have been adopted from the blog A Successful Git Branching Model by Vincent Driessen.Of course you may tweak this model to fit...

AngularJS SilverStripe Integration

This post follows from my previous post (AngularJS 101) and discusses how to integrate AngularJS in a SilverStripe setting, which isn't too different from setting up AngularJS in stand-alone app...

Custom Composer Packages and Install Paths

Ever wanted to require a Git package via Composer that's hosted on git, this is how you can achieve this!Also, discovered a very handy Composer plugin that lets you specify...

AngularJS 101

"AngularJS is a structural framework for dynamic web apps. It lets you use HTML as your template language and lets you extend HTML's syntax to express your application's components clearly...

Overriding Composer Stability Requirement

There are situations in which you're working with a legacy system that is dependent on a particular (Older) release which unfortunately isn't stable (According to Composer stability settings).

Skip Tab Focus to Content

As an accessibility feature, it is recommended that you give the (keyboard tabbing) user the option to skip header elements and focus directly into your main content.

Block SilverStripe Framework jQuery from Loading

bloghero ssjquery

There are times in which you would like to override the default SilverStripe loaded jQuery library for whatever reason, such as using newer plugins that require a newer version of jQuery.

Sass Compass Setup in SilverStripe

bloghero sscompass

Download and install RubyNote: Sass is a Ruby Gem so this is required.Important: When installing, make sure you check "Add Ruby executables to your PATH"

SilverStripe Redirect on Page Errors

bloghero ss404

There are times in which you want to redirect users to a specific section of the site on page errors, for example, you may wish to redirect all requests to...

Grunt Setup

bloghero grunt

This blog assumes you're familiar or already have Bower and RequireJS setup, if you're new to those, please refer to my other blogs: Bower Setup in SilverStripe and RequireJS Setup...

Google maps resizing

bloghero gmapsresizing

If you're experiencing weird behaviours with Google Maps not loading correctly, or appearing in the top left corner of your div, you may need to invoke the resize function to...

Bower Setup in SilverStripe

Bower is a clean way of managing front-end dependencies so that you don't have to worry about manually downloading or maintaining packages.Before you get started, you will need to download and...

Load Google Maps with RequireJS

If you're using ReuireJS to load your dependencies and wish to load Google Maps asyncronously this explains how.If you're not familiar with setting up RequireJS, this blog explains how (In SilverStripe CMS context).

SilverStripe Install with Composer in Windows Environment

Git (Version Control) is required for cloning repositories and managing code.

Installing and Deploying Drupal 7 with Capistrano

Previously we discussed how to set up Drupal 8 with Composer and deploy it using a Capistrano recipe.

Static Site into SilverStripe Theme

Create a new folder to hold your new theme, lets call it pandaux!

YouTube iFrame Z-Index Issue

To solve issue of YouTube video appearing over other page elements add the following script:

FontAwesome Font 404 (Not Found)

To resolve the following error:GET http://siteName/themes/themeName/fonts/fontawesome-webfont.woff?v=4.0.3 404 (Not Found)

RequireJS Setup in SilverStripe

Learn how to setup RequireJS (File and module loader) to better manage loading of JS required files.

Automatic backup for Drupal sites using crontab and Composer

This tutoring will guide you through setting up a weekly backup script for your Drupal install that will ensure your source files, assets and database is backed up into an...

Installing Drupal 8 with Composer and deploying with Capistrano

This guide will walk you through installing Drupal with Composer, and deploying the install to a remote server using Capistrano

Installing SilverStripe with Composer and Deploying with Capistrano

This blog will walk you through installing SilverStripe on your local development machine using Composer, setting it up and deploying it to a staging server with Capistrano.

Using Google Fonts on your website

This article talks about integrating Google Fonts on your website.  Google Fonts is a library of freely available fonts that you can use on your website without worrying about the overhead of paying a yearly subscription to use a font, such as that offered by TypeKit.  We will also go over basic tips on how to make fonts load faster and be easier to manage.

SilverStripe with Composer & Capistrano

This article discusses how to install SilverStripe using Composer PHP dependency manager, and deployment with SilverStripe Capistrano (Adopted from Capistrano).  This installation will be made in a VPS instance (Droplet) on DigitalOcean hosting, and is based on Ubuntu operating system.